Relationship of Biology to other Sciences

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Last modified October 29, 2010

Relationship of Biology to other Sciences

There is relationship between different biological sciences we are going to discuss here. As naturally both living and nonliving organisms exits, therefore various branches of science study the different aspects of life. For an example there is stuff to study about living and nonliving organisms in physics. Various information are integrated in biology involving to organism’s life, are also related to other branches of science. Due to this relationship between the sciences “Interdisciplinary Sciences” arouse. Some of Interdisciplinary Sciences to biology are as under:-



In this branch of science we study about various biological phenomenon according to principles of physics. For example, we observe the realistic principles of “Lever” and demonstrate these principles in movement of muscles and bones.


The study of different compound and chemical reactions in cells of organisms is called biochemistry. For example use the knowledge of chemistry to understand the principles of photosynthesis and respiration.


In this branch of science we study the biological phenomenon with the help of mathematics principles to obtain maximum biological research results. For an example after conducting tests biologists use mathematical procedures to complete their statistics.   


is a branch of science involved with the study of various species and organisms spread over a particular geographical region and study of plants and animals on the basis of geographical distribution is called Biogeography. As geography knowledge is used to carry out study.


In this branch of science we study the organisms from economical point of view that include the cost effectiveness and viability of biological projects. For example the cost value and profit value of the yield of wheat can be determined through bioeconomic and benefits and losses can also be calculated.